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FIAMM Batteries - OPzS Bloc 200

FIAMM OPzS Bloc (Flooded Open)

6V and 12V OPzS blocs – 100 Ah to 3500 Ah, designed for outstanding cycling performance in hard conditions

  • Optimized for deep discharge recovery DIN 43539T5
  • Up to 15 year design life in float operation in temperature controlled environments
  • 100% Recyclable
  • Tubular positive plates
  • Multi-cell design for easy and compact installation
  • Dimensions according to DIN 40737 OPzS blocs, compatible with existing installations
  • Outstanding cycling performance

Ideal for

  • IT and Telecom network operations
  • Power plants and power distribution
  • Emergency lighting and Security
  • Switchgear
  • Automation & Industrial backup power
  • Railway, Airport & Seaport signaling
  • Other applications in areas with unreliable power supply
  • Suitable for use at elevated temperatures and reliable operation in difficult conditions

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OpzS Bloc Models